Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Where are the females in video games? I’m not just talking about females in video games but females in the whole industry. Of course the industry has female characters in mass abundance but most of them aren’t the type of heroine that I would want a daughter of mine to idolize. For those who are not sure of exactly what I’m talking about, I turn your attention to a little game called Dead or Alive. For those who are familiar with the game we know that though it is a decent fighting game people don’t play it for this reason. I think I’m not alone when I say that DOA invented the jiggling breasts that so many basement nerds covet.

Once again Brian and I had one of our many discussions for this weeks post. I believe he decided to discuss females in the industry while I wanted to discuss more about videogames. In our discussion we discussed the idea of men being sexualized in games as well as women. I have to say that it is somewhat daunting to me that it is not discussed at as much length that men can be sexualized as much as women. I am not trying to take away from the struggle that women face at all but I just want to make clear that it is not a struggle that women face alone. While I believe that women are highly sexualized and objectified I make the claim that men are too and it should not be ignored. What provoked this discussion was our favorite Heroin Laura Croft from Tomb Raider. I was going to write in my first paragraph of this post that I would not want a daughter of mine to idolize a character like Laura Croft. I was going to make this claim because what first popped into my mind was the fact that Laura Croft likes to run around in the jungle with abnormally large breast and abnormally short shorts. Then I thought to myself would I mind my son looking up to the male equivalent who I believe is Indiana Jones? I have to say that honestly I would love it if my son decided to be an awesome archeologist who went on wild adventures and always got the girl in the end. So why can I not want the same thing for my daughter? What is the difference between Indiana Jones and Lauara Croft? I don’t really think there is a difference. Indiana Jones is played by a sexual icon, Harrison Ford, he is also brilliant, and even though he doesn’t use guns it does not take away from his badassness. Laura Croft is the same as Indiana Jones, she is a sexual icon, very brilliant, daring in her adventures but unlike Indy, Laura Croft decides to use the twin pistol method.

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